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Statement on final EPA methane rule

Matthew Garrington

Statement by Patrick Von Bargen, executive director, Center for Methane Emissions Solutions

"We are pleased that in issuing its final New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for methane emissions in the oil and gas industry, the EPA incorporates several comment offered by the Center for Methane Emissions Solutions (CMES).  The final rule sets a fixed inspection schedule – and not one that varies with past performance; the fixed schedule recognizes that methane leaks can occur randomly and doesn’t incentivize “gaming” the inspections regime by under-reporting leaks from previous periods.

"The final rule also puts in place a process to recognize the introduction of new methane mitigation technologies as they come to the commercial market.  This change will incentivize continuing innovation in this fast-growing American industry and position American companies to be dominant competitors in a huge global market, creating more jobs here at home.

"The final rule helps make the capture and monetizing of otherwise wasted methane a win for the oil and gas industry, a win for the environment, and a win for the American economy." 


The Center for Methane Emissions Solutions was founded to provide a voice for businesses that that offer innovative solutions to reduce methane emissions.  The Center represents the interests of American businesses that develop and manufacture cutting edge technologies, install commercial technologies, and aid inspectors on the job to significantly cut methane waste on a cost-effective basis across the oil and gas supply chain. For more information, visit the website at