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Statement on draft EPA methane rule

Isaac Brown

Statement by Patrick Von Bargen, executive director, Center for Methane Emissions Solutions

"This action by the White House comes as no surprise, as 'existing source' rules (under 111(d) of the Clean Air Act) typically follow 'new source' rules (under 111(b)).  But the decision does allow a unique opportunity to coordinate a complete federal approach to methane waste in the oil and gas industry, building on the 'new source' rule but also coordinating the EPA’s rules on methane with those proposed by the Bureau of Land Management and those adopted by leading states like Colorado – both of which cover 'existing sources.'

"In all events, the Center for Methane Emissions Solutions welcomes the opportunity to provide comments to EPA demonstrating that there are commercially available and cost-effective methane mitigation technologies that produce bottom-line benefits to oil and gas companies that use these technologies to capture and monetize otherwise wasted natural gas.  Federal methane regulations that correctly incentivize the use of these detection, repair, and capture technologies could produce a win-win-win for oil and gas producers, jobs in the growing methane mitigation industry, and the environment.