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Center for Methane Emissions Solutions Urges Continuation of Methane Regulations

Isaac Brown

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Executive Director, Center for Methane Emissions Solutions


Cutting methane waste makes economic sense both because it allows oil and gas producers to reap new revenue from captured methane that would otherwise be wasted and because it creates new jobs in the growing American methane mitigation industry.   And the air quality benefits that come from reducing emissions from a gas 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide are enormous too. 


Publication of BLM’s final rule regarding methane emissions on oil and gas facilities on federal public lands was the culmination of a thorough process during which BLM received and considered thousands of public comments, including those submitted by the Center for Methane Emissions Solutions.  Mirroring many of the provisions of the highly successful Colorado Regulation 7 that governs methane emissions, the final BLM rule incorporated changes from the original draft that make the rule practical and affordable. 


Like any business sector, the oil and gas industry needs certainty about the standards that it is expected to meet.  It would be foolhardy to upend this BLM final rule and start the process all over again, just delaying the day when all oil and gas producers are put on an even playing field with clear, common rules to reduce methane waste on public lands. 



About CMES


The Center for Methane Emissions Solutions was founded to provide a voice for businesses that that offer innovative solutions to reduce methane emissions.  The Center represents the interests of American businesses that develop and manufacture cutting edge technologies, install commercial technologies, and aid inspectors on the job to significantly cut methane waste on a cost-effective basis across the oil and gas supply chain. For more information, visit the website at